Welcome to this part of the EPIC website - the EPIC Challenge Groups forum. The aim of this forum is to provide a platform for progressing ideas for new EHealth services or products with like-minded people.

Below you can find useful guidance outlining what to do if this is your first visit to the forum.

If you wish to view the EPIC project website, you can do so by clicking here. EPIC is a project part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the South West Academic Health Science Network which is seeking to improve the use and development of EHealth within Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Logging into the forum

First time on the forum?

To access this forum you will first need to create an account, this can be done by clicking here or selecting 'Create New Account' in the upper right hand corner of this page. Further guidance on creating your account can be found in the User Guide or via this short instructional video.

If you are having difficulties creating an account, let us know by emailing EPIC@plymouth.ac.uk. We can then contact you and help with your account set up.

Returning to the forum?

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EPIC Challenge Groups

What will happen in the groups?

Initially we have created 12 broad groups, with each group being managed by one of EPIC’s research team. We will facilitate each group providing information and support and helping to support progress. Join any group that interests you and start collaborating. If your collaboration develops a potentially viable product or service idea, opportunities are available to apply for a grant from the EPIC Challenge Fund, which we can support you with.

Of course you may also want to meet online (see a list of our upcoming webinars at the end of this page) or face-to-face to progress your ideas. If you do, we hope that you will be able to summarise the meeting in our forums so others can be aware of how things have moved forward.

Joining a Challenge Group?

You can read and contribute to any of the 12 groups but we suggest as a starting point you join up to 3 and see how you get on. When you first registered for the Forum you will have received an automatic email which provided directions and a numerical code which will help you join a challenge group. If you are unsure on how to join a group, click here to view our guidance.

Once joined the first thing you should do is to introduce yourself to others in the group. You can stay with any group and start to develop your ideas, or you can move off to see what is happening in other groups.

New Challenge Groups

We also anticipate (and encourage) alternative or specific project ideas branching off into 'extra' groups which can be added to the forum as required. If you would like a new group set up, please contact a member of the EPIC team.

Who Can Be a Member?

Currently the forums are open to anyone in the 'EPIC Community' – that is anyone who has engaged with the project during a webinar, workshop conference or responded to our online questionnaire.

Please note that all members of the forums should abide by our very general code of conduct which is available here.

User Guides

A short guide detailing how to navigate and use the forum can be downloaded here or you can watch a short video explanation here.

Should you require any additional support or advice you can contact us by emailing EPIC@plymouth.ac.uk.

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